CHARLES DAZA & THE REVENANTS  was the brainstorm of singer songwriter Chales Daza.  The band started forming  in mid 2017 with Daza writing the first  CDR song, ( Beady Eyes)   and was later joined by drummer Larry Gabbert.  Over the next year, Daza continued to exploit his song writing abilities which has produced 13 original songs thus far.  Guitarist, Mark Ervie De Jesus and Guitarist Jhay Jhay Miranda  both from  Method along with Bassist Mark Mapalad from Enfilade joined the line up in late 2018.

The line up is filled with very seasoned  studio and live performing musicians that bring an array of musical talent from each others influences and the result is a flavorable essence to the over all sound.  Although CDR doesnt like to be labeled with a certain genre of music or style, you can hear a  heavy blues under tone in such songs as ( Storm is Comin and Dusty Couch Blues) while  (Old Camero and Give me Some Time) is an edgier rock reminiscent of  Allman Brothers meets Molly Hatchet,  but it doesnt end there. The song (Felicia)  also carries a blues under tone with a Motown  rhythm  or (Mopop) sound.

We are definitely outside the box musically from  the normal standard Blues or Rock bands because the way we approach the music and  our individual influences  that can be heard in every song.  If we had to categorize our music we would have to say it's soulful edge rock/ blues with a twist.

We hail from Cavite Philippines and are a pure OPM (Original Philippine Music) artist.  The songs are a cross culture lyrically  and boust a nice blend of english and tagalog songs.  We have been very active  as a band with the release of 3 singles in 2019 and  playing live shows.

We are currently signed with a small indie label ( Earbender Records)  in Cavite and are planning to tour soon.

CDR is a force to be reckoned with in the OPM scene and there is no  doubt that not only Daza but De Jesus, Miranda, Mapalad and Gabbert gel nicely together  and collectively they are in the zone with this line up musically  which brings a versatility  to the sound.




CHARLES DAZA - is a 39 year old singer, songwriter from Kawit Cavite. His musical journey started in high school when he formed a grunge/ punk band. Over the years Daza has been intrumental in such bands as Faultline / Stagnant / Starscream / Zero 46 and the iconic SIN to name a few. He has been influenced by all genres of music but his roots are with local and international blues artist.


"CDR is not possible without the people I love and all the talented musicians that have made me what Iam today especially from the almighty above". Thank you all.


MARK ERVIE DE JESUS - is a 37 year old guitar wizard from Imus Cavite. Marks  interest in music started at age 14 and by the time he was 16 he was playing in bands professionally. Over the years he has focussed his playing to learning all styles of music.  Mark is a seasoned musician and has toured Asia, the Middle East and China. Not only is Mark a guitarist but his talent extends to drums and keyboards. Mark has played with such bands as Fireflies / Hotspot / Liquor / Beige and Method just to name a few.


JHAY JHAY MIRANDA - is also a 37 year old multi talented guitarist, drummer and singer from Imus Cavite and has shared the stage with De Jesus in the band Method. Miranda started playing in bands in 1996 and hasnt stopped since.  Wether it be guitar duties, drum duties or lending a note or two on the mic, Miranda can do it. He has been influenced throughout his career by such bands as Silverchair, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Slipknot, Sabbath, Queen, Mr Big and many others.



MARK MAPALAD - is nothing less but a 43 year old bass master from Imus Cavite. He brings over 20 years of experience to the band and his style of playing is deeply rooted in his musical influences which is a wide range of musical genres, from the metal sounds of Zeppelin, Maiden, Metallica to such bands as The Police, Toto, Tower of Power, Chicago and Jazz with Yellow Jackets and Chik Corea. Mapalad has a few albums to his credit with Starscream, Stagnant and Enfilade and has won  the Peoples Choice Award in 2010 for his performance with Enfilade.


LARRY GABBERT - is just old..... but at 58 is able to bring 40 years experience as a sessionist and live performer. His musical interest sparked at the age of 11. Born and raised in the US he relocated to Dasmarines Cavite in 2005. Gabbert is more known for his work as a drummer in the 80s and 90s. His influence are such bands as Chicago, Bad Company, Buddy Rich and of course the man himself Frank Zappa.  Gabbert has about 60 albums to his credit over the years from Metal, Rock and gospel with such bands as Emerald, Indian Bingo, 2nd Guess, Normann Hutchens and the Coplands to name a few.